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StrongBuild StrongBuild 500 gram

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Natural ingredients for fast and effective muscle building


In addition to Kompeet and blackcurrants, StrongBuild contains whole soybeans, which after careful controlled drying at low temperature are coarsely ground and processed to ensure that their content of natural oils, fatty acids, protein and essential amino acids is preserved in the best possible way. The high levels of these substances is unique for a natural soy product and together with Kompeet and the carefully selected herbs, StrongBuild provides all the vital ingredients the dog needs to develop its muscles in the best possible way.


Nucleotides are also added to help with regeneration after muscle and tissue damage.


StrongBuild is particularly suitable for:


  • Help for muscle building after injury or disease
  • Show dogs, weight pulling dogs, hunting dogs, agility, and running dogs
  • Regeneration of lactating females
  • Boosting muscle building and noticeably improved energy levels
  • Highly efficient absorption of protein supported by Kompeet´s  super simplified emulsification


The product is dosed as needed and should be administered in close cooperation with a feed expert. It should be emphasised that the product has a high content of natural high-efficiency protein and owners should be aware of the risk of overdosing the product.


Maximum daily dosage

0.75 g per Kg of body weight (eg. max 22,5 g. to a dog of 30 kg.)

Dogs with less need awarded smaller dose.



To be given with the usual feed.

StrongBuild is not a medication in any way, and a veterinarian should always be contacted if you have any doubts about the health of your dog.



Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight. Use within 18 months of the production date.


Feed type

Complementary feed for dogs.










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