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Conan ran away with the judges’ hearts

Strongjointer Conan has been on the road with me again, at DDH's international show in Herlufmagle. The little guy has been going really strongly and he won his class. Now after three shows and three certificates, he is the junior champion! 😃

In the big ring he stole the judges’ hearts to become BIS Junior 1 😃👏🏼🏆 I am so happy and very proud of him! ☺️🐾

The judges’ opinion of him:

  • Head: He has a large, well shaped head, with good ears
  • Body: He has a strong, tight body, is a good height and is strong breasted
  • Movements: Races with lots of energy, stops well 
  • General Appearance: He is a magnificent young horse

Conan gets StrongJoint, StrongBuild and Fenris every day 👌🏼👍🏼


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